As a private person unfortunately not. We only supply commercial customers, artists and social institutions.

Yes, with pleasure! Just call us on +49 (0)9091 / 907171 to make an appointment.

No, not at all. Our kits are ideal for getting started. In addition to the materials, they also contain detailed instructions. Our "Workshop in a box" even includes a detailed video in which an experienced mosaic layer explains the individual steps and techniques in detail.

Our flex glue H0040/H0041 is best suited. It is frost-resistant and suitable for all types of stone.

Currently, no. However, in cooperation with an artist, we are very happy to arrange courses.

Have a look at the Website of the Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst e.V. (German organisation for mosaic art e.V.) Here you certainly also find members in your region, which would be pleased about contact.

Except our Byzantic mosaic, all stone types are suitable for outdoor use. For Marmos, however, the surface should be treated with stone oil H0179 or stone wax H0012. For Flip ceramic, the surface must be pre-treated to make it impermeable to moisture.

Yes, it's not a problem. This way, for example, you can make a strong blue or even red with white joint compound a bit "softer".

The more colourful a mosaic is, the more decent the joint compound colour should be. In such cases, it is usually recommended to use a gray joint compound. But white joint compound is also very popular with many mosaics. With strong stone colours like yellow, orange and red you can also achieve nice effects with black joint compound. More over, with consistent stone colour you can also use a suitable joint compound colour in green, blue, yellow or red.

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