Tiffany glass is available in the sizes 10x10 mm, 15x15 mm and 15x20 cm. Besides the 15 opaque colours - not transparent glass colours - the range offers seven highly transparent glasses. Tiffany glass is usable on both sides. One side is smooth, the other one gets a slight structure as you can see very well e.g. on T028 ice blue or T059 brown.

Tiffany glass is suitable for indoor and outdoor mosaics. In spite of latest technology, the pigmentation of glass melt still requires many years of experience. Colour variations are proof of an individual product.

  • available in 10x10 mm
  • available in 15x15 mm
  • new - available as panel 15x20 cm
  • material thickness approx. 4 mm
  • hardwearing, scratch and frost resistant
  • resistant to acid and alkaline attacks
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • not suitable for floors
  • approx. 6.0 kg each square meter
  • as the glass is coloured and opaque or transparent, it is particularly suitable for mosaics which you require light effects, such as window mosaics, lamps e.g.
  • Tiffany Glass is cut by hand and presents irregular edges
  • beside 7 marbled colours, 7 highly transparent colours, as well as mixes are available
Available packing units tiffany glas 10x10 mm
  • e - 200 g approx. 300 tesserae (surface about 19x19 cm)
Available packing units tiffany glas 15x15 mm
  • e - 200 g approx. 130 tesserae (surface about 19x19 cm)
Available packing units tiffany glas sheets 15x20 cm
  • each panel of 15x20 cm is packed and shrink-wrapped