Safety Glass is a security glass which splits into a lot of small pieces when being broken. This is the intented effect for the mosaic user. The dimensions of the glass panels are 150x200 mm and have a thickness of approx. 3 mm. Besides single colours, mirror colours, colour mixes, as well as some new colours enrich the range.

  • size of the panel 150x200 mm
  • material thickness approx. 3.5 mm
  • safety and pre-broken glass
  • resistant to frost,
  • acid and alkaline attacks
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • not suitable for floor ground
  • approx. 30 panels each square meter
  • besides 10 single colours, 3 mirror colours, 10 colour mixes and different motives enrich the range
  • there are transparent panels, as well, which are very convenient for backlit mosaics
  • this work requires some handicraft skills
Available packing units Safety Glass
  • each panel of 150x200 mm is packed and shrink-wrapped

  • open the foil when panel is lying and remove it carefully
  • use a spatula to shiver some pieces [H0027] and glue them by means of silicone glue [H0088] or acrylic mosaic glue [H0178]
  • bigger pieces can easily be removed by using the round edge of the glass cutter [H0171]