Ice Glass consists of stained glass. It is frost-resistant and usable on both sides.

What is special about this series is the varying visual appearance, because one side is also iridescent!

Thanks to the gently curved surface, it is especially vivid and a perfect match for other stones. Apart from opaque stones, our programme is also complemented by transparent stones!

  • available as opaque and transparent
  • Size 15x15 mm
  • material thickness approx. 4 - 4,5 mm
  • hardwearing, scratch and frost resistant
  • resistant to acid and alkaline attacks
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • as floor ground of limited suitability
  • approx. 7.5 kg each square meter
  • made of coloured glass
  • lively look because of convex surface
  • both sides usabel, one of them is iridescent!
  • 27 colours and 9 mixes are available
Available packing units ice glass 15x15 mm
  • e - 200 g approx. 100 tesserae (surface about 17x17 cm)
  • b - 1 kg approx. 500 tesserae (surface about 38x38 cm)