There are many kinds of glasses. Only most modern methods of production combined with the experience of centuries of handcraft tradition guarantee the unique quality of Murano Glass mosaic. Murano Glass is resistant to frost and colours are resistant to fading. It is available in the size 20x20x4mm. Murano Glass is suitable for indoor and outdoor wall and floor mosaics, as well as for decoration use.

  • available in 20x20 mm
  • material thickness approx. 4 mm
  • backside is levelled and presents grooves
  • hardwearing, scratch and frost resistant
  • resistant to acid and alkaline attacks
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • as floor ground of limited suitability
  • approx. 6.5 kg each square meter
  • Surface presents light, crystalline structures
  • because of the big choice of colours and of the strong colours, this material is very convenient also for ambitious mosaicists.
  • 50 colours, as well as 20 marbled, some of them with copper shimmer are available.
Available packing units Murano glass 20x20 mm
  • a - 150 g approx. 50 tesserae (surface about 15x15 cm)
  • b - 600 g approx. 200 tesserae (surface about 31x31 cm)
  • b - 3.000 g approx. 1.000 tesserae (surface about 70x70 cm)