Ceraton is coloured and fired ceramics and belongs to stoneware. The size is 20x20mm and the thickness is approximately 4mm.

It is frost resistant and therefore suitable for indoor, as well as for outdoor use. Ceraton® can be easily cut by mosaic pliers [H0002 or H0057]. Besides standard colours, different colour mixes are available.

  • Available in 20x20 mm
  • Material thickness approx. 4 mm
  • Stoneware which is coloured, unglazed and fired at high temperatures
  • Hardwearing, resistant to scratches, frost,
  • acid and alkaline attacks
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for floor ground
  • Approx. 7.5 kg each square meter
  • Available in 20 single colours and 5 colour mixes
  • Because of the same thickness, Ceraton can be very well combined with Joy or Murano glass
Available packing units of Ceraton 20x20 mm
  • a - 180 g approx. 50 tesserae (surface about 15x15 cm)
  • b - 750 g approx. 200 tesserae (surface about 30x30 cm)
  • c - 3,5 kg approx. 1.000 tesserae (surface about 67x67 cm)